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Women's Circle Retreat
April 17th - 25th Yelapa Mexico

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"Being in a sacred circle with you is one of the most important things I have done for myself in decades. I looked at myself in the mirror on the plane ride home and thought to myself, ‘I am beautiful.’ I can honestly say practicing Compassionate Listening and bringing it home to use in my family and with my co-workers, and in every aspect of my life, was worth every effort it took to make this happen for myself."

Jenny Gibbs, Seattle

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Check out Video: CLICK HERE Why join us?


To be present for each other and to be heard and hear ourselves and know we are not have our longings amplified by each other is a great gift. Life goes by, and how we live it is the key...


We need to speak and sing and dance our truth to know ourselves, accept and be ourselves...and be present for life. Together, this fortifies us in the here and now. As we surrender to the many gifts we have as well as become clear and strategic what is most vital in us becomes alive. This is how we blossom; this is how we become... It is a soul-full choice!


Then, when we return to our daily lives, we return stronger, more ourselves, more self-expressed, kinder, mor compassionate and open -- We become better friends with ourselves, guided more deeply by love.


At our Women's Circle Retreats, we practice the art of Compassionate Listening. We create a resonant field within which we can be real, reveal ourselves, share our grief and see our blessings. We can feel the shame and fears we carry without being them. We can feel our fullness, our true natures, and lightness of being. In retreat, we nurture ourselves and become more fully realized women -- truly connected to our own inner wisdom.


Our Women's Retreat merge body, soul and spirit through dance, song, music, yoga, relaxation, adventure, food, sleep, tears, laughter, everything... And all of this in abundant nature. Yelapa is 2nd in biodiversity to the Amazon Rain Forest. Being in Yelapa's nature mirrors our own true natures.


In the morning, we turn up the music full blast and do 5Rhythms, lead by Kellie Shannon Elliott. As our bodies voices are expressed in movement, our eyes and senses feel the blue sky and the blue sea around us. Beautiful butterflies and birds weave in an out of the dance space at El Jardin, our retreat center at the edge of the water on the Bay of Banderas.


After a delicious breakfast, with fruit from the trees around El Jardin, we go into Circle. Circle is an intangible soul space. It is vastly different from the way we normally engage with each other and ourselves. It is a gift to our souls. In circle, we speak the truth, urged along by loving sisters and gentle encouragement. In circle, we hear our own inner wisdom. We discover, rebuild, nurture, support, sustain, figure out, let go, release, is a great experience, worth everything it took to get you to Yelapa!


After Circle, and lunch, and swimming or visiting friends, or just simply resting and reading or writing, we turn down the volume and make way for a gentle yoga practice, led by Susi Costello. After all we have done, seen, eaten, filled our day with, it's the quiet of going into our beings that helps to blance and settle all the realizations and gifts of the day into our cells.


Then, it's evening, and time for fun and laughter or one on one listening sessions, time for a delicious dinner -- and night-time adventures! Could be that friends visit for ping pong, or we go to the open mic at Mimi's or talk by the fire, or swim in the phosphorescence, or just hang in the hammock. And then fall into bed to sleep with the waves and moon.


Two days during the Retreat, we go on adventures: To the Marietta Islands to snorkel and swim. The Mariettas are a wonder of the world. The only habitants are fish and birds!!! The Mariettas are one of the last nesting grounds of the Blue Footed Booby. Bring your camera! We also visit another village near Yelapa. We travel by boat, hike into the jungle to a pristine waterfall, where we can skinny dip and have one of the most enjoyable days you'll ever have in your entire life!!! NO KIDDING! Afterwards, we'll go back to the Village and have a home-cooked meal with a family.


Retreat Hosts:

Linda Wolf and Eric Kuhner have hosted Sacred Circle Retreats in Yelapa for the past 8 years. Linda is a renown photographer, author, and founder of Women’s Circles Network and Teen Talking Circles. Her books, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: and Global Uprising, have sold over 40,000 copies.

Eric Kuhner and Vero Rodriquez are our chefs for the retreat. Eric is a writer, and is actually writing a book about the Women's Retreats in Yelapa; a hilarious memoire replete with the recipes everyone has been begging him for!


Both Linda and Eric are certified facilitators of Compassionate Listening. Linda bio can be seen here: Linda Wolf wikipedia


"What is most important and essential is invisible to the eye. "

Join us for a treasured, unforgettable experience in Yelapa. If you need to speak with a real person or two about this, don’t hesitate to call us at 206-842-3000 or email us. We will be glad to help you figure out the details - info (@) teentalkingcircles (dot) org. Or simply "fall freely, and prepare to make an art of falling - Register here: REGISTER - Space is limited to 9 participants.

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“We explored deep into Yelapa’s amazing abundance. We explored deep into the mysteries of ourselves. It was a magical time. ”

Ally Aker, New York
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