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"I enjoyed the women's circle in Yelapa so much, I'm going again this year!  The retreat is a good way for me as a busy city woman to reconnect with myself in a healthy, beautiful setting, with a great group of women, which makes it all the more meaningful.  Just arriving in Yelapa, after a boat trip down the coast, makes me feel that I'm moving towards more balance in my life." Gillian Corless, Vancouver, BC


"I would have paid double for this, I loved it so much." Barbara, Burns Lake, BC


"You are a secret treasure, Linda, and I'm so so glad I found you. I loved Yelapa." Beverly Yates, Boulder, Colorado


"Yelapa was for me an amazing opportunity to enjoy the support of wonderful women in beautiful surroundings, as I spoke my truth and was witnessed in a way that fed my soul. It also gave me a chance to embrace my inner wild woman and play like a kid again. I haven't laughed that hard from the bottom of my belly for a long time and it felt so good." Georgia Cammann, Seattle, Washington


"I loved participating in the sacred circle in Yelapa. I connected so much deeper with these women over the past 8 days than I usually do with women in my own community who I have known for years. I got to know myself in a whole new way and I can honestly say I would do this again in an instant. Thank you so much for bringing me into the circle. I will carry it with me in my heart." Genevieve Smeeth, BI, WA.


Thanks, Linda, for such an amazing opportunity to meet new friends who I will hold in my heart forever, and all the beautiful sights and adventures. Best of all, the trip to Yelapa helped me to face some of my biggest fears! I will always cherish the memories of our supportive circle and our magical time together!" Heather, BI, WA.


"I can’t thank you enough for your caring and your skilled facilitation which helped me in so many ways. I came home with a deeper understanding of issues I was facing in my life, a sense of peace, and a renewed energy." Phyllis Selenker, Indianola, WA.


"I have been thinking about you and what a huge impact you've had on my life. You are such a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. I am amazed looking back at how completely selfless you were and how generous you were with your time and love. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have you in my life." Megan, BI, WA.


"Last spring was a time for me when the world looked staid, and there seemed little hope of breaking out of the box. I had one specific week I had to get away, and put that week into Google along with the word "retreat." What came up was synchronicity. A group of women from the west coast, it seemed, were gathering for a "compassionate listening circle" in a place called "Yelapa". If you find yourself wanting to get away from this world into an indescribably lush and beautiful setting, and doing something really really unique with a week, treat yourself to one of Linda's retreats. It's the kind of time that will stay with you. One that you can call up from your heart whenever the world feels impossible and all too much to bear. " Ally, New York


Linda Wolf, circle facilitator:

Linda Wolf has led Teen Talking Circle Facilitator Trainings and Women's Sacred Circle Retreats for the past 18 years. Besides being a successful artist/photographer, Linda is the founder/executive director of Daughters-Sisters Project and Teen Talking Circles, nonprofit organizations to support youth.


Linda is the co-author of Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood, and Global Uprising:Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century - Stories from a New Generation of Activists , both published by New Society Publishers and Speaking and Listening from the Heart: A Handbook. Her photographic work is collected in numerous museums and private collections, including The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Musee Reattu, Arles; Museum Cantini, Marseille; the Musee Het Sterckshof, Belgium; and the Harborview Medical Center new acquisitions, among others.


"I started offering Women’s Circles Retreats in 2005, after my youngest daughter moved to Yelapa, Mexico to work at Casa Isabel. Genevieve and I had been leading adult trainings for years, always hearing from the women who attended that they wished they had a circle for themselves. We carry so much from our teen years that still haunts us, so we thought 'ahha, we could offer a circle for women in Yelapa.' Since then, we have been offering them yearly.


It's hard to describe circle in Yelapa, except to say 'finally...freedom' to be oneself in a way that heals us and lasts. There is no other place where nature, in all her glory, holds us so safely and powerfully. I hope you'll come with us here." -- Linda Wolf


Casa Isabel in Yelapa is easy to get to from the US or Canada - it is a short 50 minute water taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta. Most locals either speak English or make a great attempt to understand poor Spanish. The peso is 12 - 13 to the dollar (tipping with US or Canadian dollars is a kindness to the locals but not expected). Airlines are offering great deals, and there are many direct flights to Puerto Vallarta.


"This was my second trip to Casas de Isabel and it already feels like a home away from home. Beverly and Chris, who manage the place, did everything they could to make us feel welcome. I was staying there with a small group of women on a womens circle/yoga retreat... the location is simply perfect - not too far from the village, but far enough to give open views across the ocean. The palapas are well-maintained, with interesting artistic touches that give us an idea of the special person Isabel was. Staying in a palapa, watching the sun set over the Pacific, and hearing the low hum of the surrounding jungle made this place the ideal one for our retreat. I have stayed in two palapas at Isabel's now - both Gaia at the top of the hill - with breathtaking, world class views, and in Pepe's, down near the beach - that is private and sweet. The central house is also great gathering place. On the last night, Beverly arranged a bonfire under the stars.

I rate this place highly - it has its own beach, fits the environment well, is comfortable, and overall - extremely beautiful... unforgettable, like Yelapa."
Gillian, Vancouver, CA. 2010