The Teen Talking Circle Project


Fundraising/Networking Event

Dinner, Silent Auction, and special presentation by youth
from 7 youth-serving partner organizations

November 18, 2012, 5-8 p.m. at the Ruins in Seattle

Special Presentation: Rachel Bagby, Voice Blessings
author of Divine Daughters:
Liberating the Power and Passion of Women's Voices

Guest Speaker: Debbi Lester,
Mayor of Bainbridge Island

Music: Serena Tideman on cello


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Teen talking circles begin a journey – listening to teens sets them on a path to compassion and action in the world, one step at a time. Each of our programs and projects serve as a guidepost for teens – and adults as well – along their journey to become more rooted, more grounded, and awakened to possibility, capability, and interconnectedness.

ttc training

The awakening begins with listening.

When one listens to young people, they feel heard.

When a young woman feels heard, she can hear herself.

When she hears herself, she accesses her inner wisdom.

When she accesses her inner wisdom,

she accepts her authentic self.

When a young man accepts his authentic self,

he develops compassion.

When he develops compassion, he can be present for others.

When he is present for others, he connects authentically.

When young people connect authentically,

they become caring and responsible.

When they becomes caring and responsible,

they are inspired.

When they are inspired,

they see their power.

When they see their power,

they take action.



We in Teen Talking Circles are not alone on this journey! This event celebrates 19 years of TTC as well as many of the organizations who walk with us along the path.

At the event, there will be presentations by youth representatives from Puget Sound Community School; Guiding Lights Network; Gen-Up; Rite of Passage Journeys; Wild Whatcom; Neighborcare Health; Wilderness Awareness School; and of course Teen Talking Circles.

Please join us for an evening celebrating the many paths from listening to action, and all the steps along the way.


Click to Register for Awaken to the Journey: benefit Teen Talking Circles