The Teen Talking Circle Project


I AM A FULL WOMAN, is a multi-media project consisting of video montage of portraits of women worldwide and a series of presentations and workshops in support of women and girls.

Seven years in the making, I Am A Full Woman, by Linda Wolf, with music by Rachel Bagby, was released on Vimeo in January 2012 and has been viewed over 20,000 times and shown at TEDxRainierWomen in 2012.

full woman trio

global youth allies

We, at TTC, believe that a strong antidote to fear, depression, apathy, and despair is the discovery of empowerment through taking action for something one feels deeply about, and working with others for positive change.

When young people begin to identify and deconstruct their issues they begin to see how they are interconnected with global issues. Often, out of this realization an excitement is born and a passion to take action for change. This adds meaning to their lives, and creates responsible citizens and an empowered sense of self in an interdependent world.

Our book, Global Uprising: Stories from a New Generation of Activists, is used as a textbook in many high schools, colleges and universities world-wide, and instigated a 10-week study of the book at the Seattle Girl's School; and a 6-week study of the book at a Colorado Springs School District middle school.

TTC leaders have facilitated a Girls Talking Circle at The Shambhali Trust for Dahlit girls, in Jodhpur, India; The Setrawa Project, a school for village youth, in Rajastan, India; a teen circle at Casa de la Imagination, a youth center in Yelapa Jalisco, Mexico and supported Women & Youths Empowerment, a nonprofit in Lagos, Nigeria.

Also TTC has fostered a program for impoverished children and teens in Togo, Africa; and provided educational support for orphan teens in Gonder, Ethiopia.

Daughters Sisters Project has umbrellaed Earth Activist Training, a permaculture design course; and a film on the Huichol Indians in preparation for a youth exchange program between Huichol teens and US/Canadian teens, bringing young people together to share cultural awareness with this tribal people.