The Teen Talking Circle Project

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linda wolf, founder/executive director, lead trainer

Linda is co-author of TTC's books including Speaking and Listening From the Heart (dsistas Press, 2004); Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood (New Society Publishers, 1997); and Global Uprising: Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century; Stories from a New Generation of Activists (New Society Publishers, 2001). She is the producer of I Am A Full Woman, a video honoring the dignity of women worldwide. She loves playing the piano and vegetable gardening and balanced her work as ED with a professional photography career. For more information about linda click here: linda wolf full bio

jeny rae vidal, assistant to linda wolf

Jeny Rae graduated with a degree in Socialology at University of California, Berkeley. She leads yoga workshops and classes. Jeny is inspired by the intersectionality of activism and spirituality and believes her work is to find momentum between the two. She loves walking her dog, Indo, in the woods where she lives with her husband, Steve.

eric kuhner, facilitator, board member, office manager

Eric Kuhner has led guy’s groups, Gendertalks and facilitator trainings, and completed the Compassionate Listening Advanced Training. Eric has a Masters Degree in Urban Studies and has mastered the art of shifting roles from facilitator to computer guru, writer, and chef for retreats and trainings.

heather wolf, lead facilitator - workshops & retreats

Heather Wolf has been part of Daughters Sisters Project and TTC since she was 11 years old. Since 2010, she has led the Soul Path Project. Heather is the co-founder of the Medicine Wheel, leading workshops and creating natural products based on plant medicine. She has led, True Voice, a healing practicum to awaken and cultivate our true voice and free spirit and Chakra Energy Workshops at the Dayaalu Center. She is the co-founder of Thrice, a medicinal brewing company and works with Iggy's, a local company specializing in fermented foods.

christine castigliano, lead circle facilitator, and web designer
Christine leads our local Bainbridge Island Girl's Circles, and among other things is a writer, visual artist and web designer/producer; a jazz-pop scat singer; a dance-crazy, soul-seeking, community-minded visionary; a semi-geeky entrepreneur & vegetable gardener; an ocean-loving, friend-hugging, sister, daughter, wife and parent. She is the author of the Twins of Tessar, and leads workshops through her own organization SPARK.

genevieve smeeth, lead trainer; lead facilitator

Genevieve has been part of TTC since she was 9 years old. Since 2002, she has led TTC Facilitator Trainings and Women's Wisdom Circle Retreats. She is currently a student at the University of Washington School of Nursing, persuing her RN degree.

Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

Sarah Keenan
Elise Carlson Reiner
Suzi Costello
Talina Wood
Jonathan Frieman, member
Eric Kuhner, VP & Treasurer

Board of Advisors:

Dr Jeff Leinaweaver, Global Zen: Organizational Consultant
Jean Kilbourne: Ex-officio President
Lindsay Wagner: Ex-officio member
Elizabeth Pinchot: Ex-officio member
Kellie Elliott
Kathleen Weyand
julianne reynolds, special events producer
jeannie patterson, development consultant
Christine Castigliano, Web Designer
Dr. Richard Desselle, Executive Consultant
Juli Steffen, Pyschologist
Thomas G. Steffen, Pastor
Leah Green, Founder, Compassionate Listening Project
Jackson Katz, executive director Mentors in Violence Prevention
Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. - Director of Diversity, Bush School; Founder, White Privilege Conference
Dr. Christine DiStefano, Associate Professor Department of Political Sharla Musabih, Founder: United Hope UAE
Jean Kilbourne,MF.D - Recent Past President of TTC Board of Directors
Glenn Hampson, Founder, National Science Communication Institute
Elizabeth Pinchot, Co-founder, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Gifford Pinchot III, Co-Founder/President, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Ani Pinchot, Channel Rock
Neva Welton, MA. Psychology -- Community Organizer
Audrey Watson -- YES: A Journal for Positive Futures -
Jonathan Frieman, Esq. Founder, JoMiJo Foundation
Rick Matteson, Contextual Conceptual Therapy
Riane Eisler, author; director, The Partnership Way
Eric Liu, author, educator; Founder of Citizen University
Carol Gilligan, author
Marion Woodman, author, Jungian psychotherapist
Science, UW; cofounder of Women & Democracy at the UW
Starhawk, Activist, author
David Korten, author, founder People-Centered Development Forum
Joanna Newsom, singer songwriter