The Teen Talking Circle Project


Riane Eisler

"I am writing this letter to express my strong support for the Teen Talking Circle Project and Daughters Sisters Project. This is a very important project that can make an enormous difference not only in the lives of girls who directly participate in it’s focus groups and programs, but in the lives of thousands of other girls through their books, web site, and internet possibilities." Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade; The Real Wealth of Nations; founder, Center for Partnership Studies
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Culver Academies

"Thanks to the work of Linda Wolf and her team, the TTC model has given us an important vehicle for supporting our students. It has brought together girls who would not normally know or be together and has led to the making of lasting friendships. Girls participating in the circle have learned to listen and support each other. In the safe place the circle provides the girls feel the benefits of being able to open up to one another, to talk and vent. They frequently realize that they are not the only ones that feel the way they do and this is affirming. Students often convey to the adult leaders that the circle is the bright spot in their week. In addition, skills learned in the circle enrich peer relationships in the dorm environment where members of the group naturally apply compassionate listening. The Teen Talking Circle has been a positive addition to our campus and we anticipate this model continuing well into the future." GCS staff
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Kitsap County Superior Court Juvenile Diversion Program

"Imagine the courage it took to face the store owners of the shops the girls stole from -- and with no one telling them they had to. If the goal of the Diversion Program is to teach kids to make better decisions so they don't offend again, then these girls met that goal. I believe they were able to do that because of the confidence and support they gave each other under the guidance of their [TTC] group facilitator, Linda Wolf." Mary Woodward, Director KCSCJD Program
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Auburn's Neighborhood & AmeriCorps Program

"Our AmeriCorps members and volunteers serve as mentors to teens at high-risk of academic failure...The results they achieved doing Girl's Talking Circles are commendable. Approximately 70% of the students served increased their attendance at school. Among the students with BECCA referrals, 80% of them are still in school and their absentee rates have been cut in half. None dropped out of school."
Bill Mandeville, Director, Auburn Neighborhood Program
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