The Teen Talking Circle Project

"I've heard it said that the reason a small nonprofit like TTC is still alive after 20 years is because it knows how to shrink and expand, like a desert flower..." JM

Our Story:

The roots of TTC's family tree come out of the early conscious-raising movement, combined with the richness of native rituals, womens circles, and spiritual traditions. Our use of Compassionate Listening(sm) as a foundational practice in our circles comes from the work of Leah Green and the Compassionate Listening Project, and Gene Knudsen Hoffman, a Quaker activist. In turn, Gene was inspired by Thich Nhat Han. "The practice of meeting in circle is so old it is literally in our DNA. The first social gatherings of human beings occurred around fire in circle, and the first decision-making councils occurred around those same fires in circle." Kathy Jourdain

The Daughters Sisters Project, mother to TTC, was born in 1993 on Bainbridge Island, when Linda Wolf and K. Wind Hughes came together to write a book to help their daughters and other teen girls navigate the teen years. The first Girl's Circle took place in March,1994. Initially, the first circles were only supposed to last 10 weeks -- long enough for the authors to gather information about what topics the girls would want in a book for them. However, once the circles started there was no stopping them. Since that time, a Girl's Circle, Guy's Circles and GenderTalks have continued on Bainbridge, and thousands of teens have participated in circles inspired by our books, and led by adults who have taken our trainings, worldwide.

Our book, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood, (New Society Publishers, 1997) is a compilation of stories and interviews by, for, and about young women. It was based on the shared experience of the first 21 girls who participated for two years in the original circle.

After the release of the book, hundreds of people wanted to know how to start a circle in their community. To meet this demand a Facilitator's Training was born. Since then, hundreds of adults have taken our training and many have started circles in their communities, schools, organizations and youth serving institutions.

In 2001, Daughters-Sisters Project grew into Teen Talking Circles, to honor a movement that includes teen circles for young men, and mixed gender circles (GenderTalks), as well as workshops and retreats for adults and families. In 2001, TTC released the 2nd book, Global Uprising: Stories from a New Generation of Activists. Both books are required reading in many high schools and universities in the US and abroad. Over 25,000 copies of the books have been sold and have been translated into other languages, such as Chinese and Turkish.

We believe that personal growth and social change doesn't happen in a vacuum. It comes when young women and young men of any culture work to understand themselves more deeply, gain a better understanding of each other, and our interconnection as human beings in a globally connected world.