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July 20 - 23, 2017

October 20 - 22, 2017


Imagine being part of a circle, a safe space where you can tell the truth without fear of judgment, criticism, or rejection. A place where your heart softens and you feel accepted and accepting. A place where you feel free to share your feelings, work through conflicts, and experience that you are not alone. Now imagine that you are 16 years old and part of a circle like this. How might your life have been different? How might this change the world?

Now, you can learn to facilitate this kind of experience for young people in your life, while working through issues you still carry from your own teen years? Join us for a TTC Facilitator's Training this coming summer.

Since 1997, TTC has offered deeply experiential workshops to provide adult participants with a clear understanding of the basics of starting and running a teen talking circle. To date we have trained over 700+ people throughout the US, Canada and abroad in our method, who in turn have started circles for youth in their communities or taken our model into their existing programs.

TTC training staff have provided trainings in-house, as well as on location through the US, Canada and abroad. >see our client list

Our basic Facilitator's Training usually runs from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and is typically held at a private home or intimate community space on Bainbridge Island, in Washington. Trainings are limited to 9 - 13 participants and include meals, but do not include transportation or lodging. Early bird sign up is recommended to assure your space.

Facilitator trainings are attended by adults of all ages and professions including parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, youth service providers, mental health professionals, and anyone interested in bringing teen talking circles into their communities.

Our training is unique in that we come together as facilitator-trainers and  participants/facilitators-in-training to form our own circle and look at the issues we still carry from our own teen years. This allows us to discover where we might be challenged in our ability to be accepting and supportive towards teens in circle. This is a critical component of facilitation, as teens will only share as much of themselves as we as facilitators can open ourselves to hearing without judgment or criticism. By making peace with our own teen years, we form a basis for developing deep trust between teen participants and ourselves as facilitators.

As a participant, you’ll experience how it feels to be in circle by sharing about your own teen years, while learning the basic components of facilitation and practicing specific exercises you can use in your own teen circles. You will learn the basics, the how-tos, from "calling a circle,” to “closing a circle.” You’ll learn how to work with a co-facilitator, understanding how to create safe space, practice “Heart to Heart” processes, our specifically designed model of conflict resolution which uses pieces of important process oriented technologies such as Nonviolent Communication, Compassionate Listening(SM), and our own brand of  “Inappropriate Rant.”

The practice of Compassionate Listening is a very important part of our training as well as our local circles. Linda Wolf is a past board members and certified facilitator of the Compassionate Listening Project. (For more info on TCLP, check their website: We highly recommend to all our facilitators, trainees, and youth to take one of their workshops.

The TTC training is an opportunity for you to learn everything you need to know to start and run a teen Talking Circle confidently and successfully.